We recognize that you have a choice when partnering with a search firm.  At aquesst, our goal is to develop a long-term relationship where we serve as an extension of your business.  We want to develop a personal relationship with you and your team in order to understand the technical skills you need, the culture fit you desire, and the pressure that comes from not making the right hire. 

Our team is driven and motivated to gathering detailed requirements before each search.  Throughout the search we promise to serve as a consultant to you on the hiring process.  We feel it is our job to provide constant feedback on the status of the search.  You can feel confident when you receive a resume from aquesst that the candidate has been thoroughly screened and is prepared and excited to interview.  This level of communication continues after a hire is made.  We will stand behind each hire and continue to follow-up to ensure a long term fit.  At aquesst, your satisfaction is the only true measure of our success. 

Our professionals are skilled in the following:
  • Software and Network Architects 
  •  Business and Systems Analysts
  • Database Administrators
  • Desktop Application Developers
  • ERP and CRM Experts
  • Help Desk and User Support Technicians
  • Instructional Designers
  • Internet and Web Developers
  • VP/CIO
  • LAN and WAN Engineers
  • System and Network Administrators
  • PC Technicians
  • Programmers and Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Assurance Testers
  • Software Engineers 
  • Technical Writers
  • Manager/Director  

Nearly three million contract professionals go to work in the US every day.  Contract employees provide many benefits to your organization.  Flexibility, high level of expertise, payroll cost savings, help during small or large projects.  Working with a trusted service provider enables you to take advantage of a quick turnaround – at aquesst we pride ourselves on the ability to provide you with the quality talent you seek in 24-48 hours for most requisitions. Whether you are looking for an IT professional on a short term basis to provide additional support for your team or a project manager to lead a multi-year implementation, we can help.  

30% of all direct hires prove to be incorrect decisions.  Contract to hire provides you with the benefits and flexibility of a contract, but also with an evaluation period to ensure that your and the candidate expectations are a fit before you hire them as a full time employee.  Our relationships, resources and thorough screening process enable you to quickly identify the right contributor for your team, who can hit the ground running.  

At aquesst, we understand that you don’t need many candidates, you need the right one.  Our lasting client and candidate relationships coupled with our sourcing methods and internal resources, enable us to provide you with the top passive talent.  By understanding your specific requirements and objectives, we start the sourcing process by targeting IT professionals employed by your competitors and those with the experience you are seeking.  
The Project Based Solutions practice at aquesst is designed to deliver quality software development services in an efficient and cost effective manner. Our consultants carry expertise in a wide range of technologies and deliver solutions to cover needs for both client-server and web-based applications. We bring years of hardened .NET expertise and intellectual property to the table so we don't spend time "fishing" and instead spend time building real business value. At aquesst, we partner with our clients to deliver innovative solutions with open and robust architectures, thoughtful and efficient design, and world class development and deployment.

Our process is designed to be interactive throughout.  This ensures that when a project reaches completion the hand off is seamless.  We do this by making the business stakeholders part of the software development process. We seek constant feedback as the product evolves which enables us to build and maintain your trust, confidence, and satisfaction.